iPad Screen Repairs and Replacement for Auckland Apple Users

The iPad is an incredible piece of technology, the seamless interface and impressive graphics for a device no bigger than a laptop screen makes this piece of technology quite remarkable If you own one, you take care of it and look after it well For some, an iPad is more than just a device for… … read more.

Call 1 Hour Repair for Convenient Laptop Screen Repairs or Replacements in Auckland

No matter what you use your laptop for, a broken or malfunctioning screen is a problem you can’t accept A cracked or damaged screen makes it more difficult to get work done or actively use your laptop If a loose connection or some other issue is preventing your screen from displaying anything at… … read more.

Your Samsung S8 and S9 Screen Replacement and Repairs Can Be Done in Auckland

The market for mobile phone screen repairs is one that is not very trusted around the world Many stores and companies take shortcuts while charging an arm and a leg to do it 1 Hour Repair is the complete opposite where we pride ourselves on the quality and detailed work we do, at an… … read more.

1 Hour Repair is a Trusted Name is Smartphone and Mobile Repairs in Auckland

In our current day and age, everyone relies intensely on their mobile phone If something happens to your smartphone, your entire world can come to a standstill Your phone is used to not only interact with people through calls, messages or social media, but also in emergencies such as a car breaking… … read more.