Our prices are unbeatable.

There are a lot of different choices for whom you get your smartphone repaired.
Our customers (especially the builders who keep coming back) recognize the pride and time that we take putting into each repair.


Lowest prices

There is a vast difference in the prices and quality of screens available on the market.
We at Green Mobile Repair maintain superior quality and maintain Auckland’s cheapest prices … we guarantee it!

Other companies who offer low prices simply buy the cheapest option.
Many imported screens we have tried over the years overheat the phone significantly draining the battery, came with poor glass strength, or just had horrible colours!

It took over 5 years to bring you the best-imported screen quality that we could find.

Our low prices help too.


Screen Repair

We do not cut corners on quality

Apple Official Screen Returns
Apple Official Screen Returns 2%
Samsung Official Screen Returns
Apple Official Screen Returns 3%
Green Mobile Repair Copy Screen Returns
Apple Official Screen Returns 6%

Apple iPhone / ipad

We can repair screens as old as an iPhone 4 up to iPhone X as well as iPads and Mac computers.
If prices aren't listed please chat to inquire.


Samsung / Google

While we specialize in Apple products, we of course repair most Samsung devices.
If you have a phone not listed, please chat with us and we may have the parts available.



What's the difference?


general Repairs

Home buttons, charging ports, batteries, front cameras… we can do it all.

Common Repairs

Online Payment

If you wish to pay via Online Banking, kindly make payments to:

Account Number: 12-3049-0441898-00
Account Name: Green Computers Group Limited
Particulars: Device Type (model + colour)
Reference: TXN number (i.e. TradeMe Reference)

Do you offer delivery?

While we predominately serve Auckland customers (who typically pick up from our store), we can service all of New Zealand. If you want us to ship the device to you after service, then a $10 courier fee applies.

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