Smartphone Repairs in Auckland

1 hour Repair is a Trusted Name is Smartphone and Mobile Repairs in Auckland

In our current day and age, everyone relies intensely on their mobile phone. If something happens to your smartphone, your entire world can come to a standstill. Your phone is used to not only interact with people through calls, messages or social media, but also in emergencies such as a car breaking down, family crisis or medical emergency.

The team at 1 Hour Repair is well versed in phone repairs in Auckland. We are committed to providing you with quality smartphone repair options in Auckland at affordable prices.

Common Mobile Phone Repairs in Auckland

The moment you drop your phone on a hard surface, your heart probably stops for a moment. A cracked screen as a result of letting your phone fall is one of the most common types of smartphone repair that we perform in Auckland. A broken screen hinders you from using your phone to its full capacity.

The home button on your phone tends to be the button you use most frequently. To get out of an open application, you usually have to hit the home button. This button can stop working for different reasons including overuse, an internal issue or a result of dropping your phone. A home button may be stuck which is one of our standard mobile repairs in Auckland, but it is possible that there is a broader issue that could affect the inner workings of your phone.

Water damage is another aspect of mobile phone repairs in Auckland. While it is true that most mobile phones on the market come standard with some form of water protection, your phone will need repairs in Auckland if it is submerged for too long. If you have dropped your phone has in a bathtub, sink or even toilet, it is essential to bring your phone in just to have the internal circuitry double-checked.

If there is an issue with the port on your phone to the point that you cannot charge your phone, you will be at a serious disadvantage. Other phone problems include glitches when connecting to wireless internet. The cause of this setback can range from complications with the phone’s wiring to software not downloading correctly.

Contact Us for Your Phone Repairs in Auckland

1 Hour Repair understands how important your mobile phone is to your everyday life. Our highly trained staff will diagnose the problem with your phone and reach out to you with a full explanation of the issue. We offer a free quote and free inspection to pinpoint which mobile repairs in Auckland are required. After your repair service, if you are not completely satisfied with our work, we provide you with a full refund.

For more information about our repair options, please call us on 02 1172 9107 or click over to our contact page.

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